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The "Budget Guide for Decision Makers" is released! To have a printed copy,  please download here.

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  • Natural Resource Management

    Natural Resource Management

    Globally it is clear that the political problems resulting from natural resources are much more common in countries with weak political institutions and a lack of checks and balances. Myanmar is blessed with an abundance of natural resources.

  • Rights


    Rights can be defined the moral or legal entitlement to have or do something. Human rights can be simply defined as: "Basic standards aimed at securing dignity and equality for all." They are covered by many different declarations and covenants.

  • Economic Justice

    Economic Justice

    Spectrum's philosophy is that rich natural resource wealth should be shared by all citizens. Through our projects covering revenue transparency, budget transparency, taxation reform, integrity building and countering corruption, Spectrum promotes economic justice.

  • Other Sectors

    Other Sectors

    There are many important cross-cutting areas – like gender, energy and education. These three have particular focus in Spectrum's programme and are strongly interlinked with our emphasis on resources, rights and justice.



Call for Tender Supply


Call for Tender Supply

Tender Supply for the Liquefied Petroleum Gas and Associated Household Cooking Settings in Waing Maw IDP Camps    Spectrum- Sustainable Development Knowledge Network (hereinafter referred to as “Spectrum”) is a national non-governmental organization...

Ventilation & behaviour change


Ventilation & behaviour change

Health impacts from poor indoor air quality as a result of unclean cooking are much cited as a key motivation for upgrading to ‘improved cookstoves’ (ICS) andfuel switching.

Improving Children’s Environmental Education Practice (ICEEP) project introduction ceremony held in Dawei


Improving Children’s Environmental Education Practice (ICEEP) project introduction ceremony held in Dawei

Spectrum SDKN organized “Improving Children’s Environmental Education Practice (ICEEP)” introduction ceremony at Nawareth Hall, BEHS (2) in Dawei, with the support of Australian Aid through Childfund Myanmar on 21st January 2020.

Towards a more sustainable cement industry in Myanmar


Towards a more sustainable cement industry in Myanmar

Cement is a critical raw material for infrastructure, including roads, buildings, factories and bridges. High energy input requirements, high CO2 emissions and environmental impacts from limestone mining and cement production mean that...

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