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"A line about Governance here and here and here and here and here and here and here."

Spectrum's governance structure continues to develop to suit the changing context. At present our international reference group is functional – and work to selection and appoint 11 national board members is under way.

In Myanmar NGOs are expected to register with the government, but this can be a complex process. Our plan is to progress registration in 2015 with the newly-formed board and register once the procedures and by-laws associated with the 2014 Association Law become available. We want the new board to be highly functional and are reaching this point through a learning process using an organisational development-based and board skills-based approach.

Day-to-day operational decisions for Spectrum are covered by an executive committee comprising Director, Operations Coordinator, Administration and Human Resources Coordinator and Senior Accountant. Delegations of authority is encouraged for all aspects of our work.

Our financial processes are covered by full separation of responsibilities and financial operating procedures. Spectrum has had seven audits performed to GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles) for Myanmar. Our financial year corresponds with the calendar year. Auditing is done on an annual basis on the overall accounts, with individual project accounts verified as well as part of the annual audit.

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