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Can we help you or your organisation with something? Spectrum is working to achieve its mission and objectives through a learning, communication and innovation approach.

This seeks to help establish a new framework for development based on responsible business and best practice principles. We work closely with government, business and society and aim for our activities to be financially sustainable where possible.

Where possible we try to raise our own funds, and we do this through:

  • Specialist consulting in areas that fit our core skills and vision (see specialty services)
  • Research assignments or community consultation
  • Office support and administrative services
  • Translation services
  • Financial services
  • Information services
  • Publishing services
  • Training services
  • Training facilities hire
  • Conference or event organisation
  • Book sales and distribution.

Please contact us for further information or to discuss how we can help or support you in these areas.

In some instances, conflict of interest issues may prevent us accepting assignments.

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