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We offer a range of Specialist Services in the strategic, consultation, social and environmental fields. Spectrum will usually assemble a bespoke team to meet specific project needs. 
Our network of service providers and experts is extensive.

We can assist with: -

  1. Strategy Formulation and Implementation
  2. Context Reviews and Briefings
  3. Investment Climate Overviews
  4. Conflict Sensitivity Studies
  5. Environmental Context / Framework Analysis
  6. Political Economy Analysis
  7. Power Analysis
  8. Stakeholder Analysis
  9. Social Assessments
  10. Gender Profiling / Gender Impact Assessments
  11. Social Impact Assessments
  12. Human Rights Impact Assessments
  13. Strategic Environmental Analysis
  14. Environmental Assessments
  15. Bio-survey work – Avian and Aquatic surveys
  16. Community Based Research
  17. Listening Studies / Community Voice Assessments
  18. Risk Assessments
  19. Sustainability Assessments
  20. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Strategy Development
  21. Social License Assessments
  22. Perception Studies
  23. Critical Policy Reviews
  24. Specific Issue Reviews, Opinions and Desk Based Research.

Stakeholder and community consultations, forums or information sessions can be organised.

The above services can be commercial work for the private sector, social program or humanitarian program focused assessments. Spectrum’s status is not for profit, so proceeds are used for support of non-commercial activities and to reduce grant dependency.

Conflict of interest issues may prevent acceptance of work in some project areas / sectors, including those where current policy is considered under-developed or problematic.

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