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About Us

"We connect with government, business and local communities to inform, empower and educate in our role as an information-sharing network."

To see change so that Myanmar is considered a country where people live with peace, dignity, justice, equity, fullness and quality of life.

Mission: Establish mechanisms to enhance the framework for "National Development" in Myanmar, via constructive engagement on natural resource management, sustainable development and environment matters.

While "Resources – Rights – Justice" describes our programme areas well, our focus is on inclusion, involvement and empowerment of people. Various project activities integrate well into the overall model, however we find that it is people who make the difference and the overall combination of activities that is leading to sustainable outcomes. In the context, our experience is that work in one field frequently leads to the space or opportunity for an outcome in another.

In reality this is the benefit of a people-centred, holistic and integrated sustainable development model. Emphasis on projects alone detracts greatly from the model and leaves gaps. For very simple projects detailed steps are planned. For more complex projects an outcome mapping approach is used that allows multiple parallel path towards objectives to be pursued. This provides better flexibility as needed in complex and rapidly clanging operating environments. But these are just the plans... it's the people who make the difference.

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