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Myanmar is blessed with an abundance of natural resources, from exquisite gemstones and precious metals, to luscious forests, life-giving river systems and one of the world's oldest oil and gas industries.

But such a blessing comes with a big responsibility – to ensure these precious resources are managed responsibly for future generations. Spectrum believes promoting revenue transparency will ensure the economic opportunities from natural resources give the best possible results for Myanmar's citizens.

In Myanmar, similar to other resource-rich countries, a lot of money comes from natural resource developments. Income from industries such as oil and gas, mining, hydropower and forestry is a key source of national and public revenue. As Myanmar's natural resources belong to all its citizens, everyone should have access to clear and timely information about how much money is earned from natural resource conversions and sales, as well as where this money goes.

At Spectrum we think revenue transparency is an essential prerequisite for effective oversight and good governance. That's why we are working with government and the private sector to ensure transparency and openness along the entire extractive value chain. This includes government and industry activities in licensing, implementing contracts, collection, management and distribution of revenue, environmental management and public service delivery.

We strongly believe that transparency results in greater accountability on the part of industry and government, so everyone gets a better deal.

So how do we do this? Our work draws on the principles of the Natural Resource Charter, international understanding of Resource Curse issues, and learning from local and international Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) processes.

We believe revenue transparency is one of the critical first steps in creating public confidence in public financial management and ensuring the national budget accounts for public revenue.

  • Resource Curse Issues

    Resource Curse Issues

    Oil, gas and mining industries can generate huge revenues for companies and governments, which in turn can contribute to improving quality of life for citizens.


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