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“Myanmar joins the UNREDD program”. In the first week of December 2011, Myanmar was accepted as a program partner country to prepare a REDD Readiness program for REDD+ under the support of UN REDD+ program.

In some Asian countries, including Myanmar, REDD programs face criticism and barriers to successful implementation. In addition, Myanmar is a newly democratic country and corruption concerns are acknowledged. As there is potential large amount of carbon credit income through REDD+ program for the country, it is important to prepare well the extent and guidelines for how REDD+ will benefit the country systematically. This relates especially to local forest user groups, many of whom are ethnic minorities/ indigenous peoples (IPs) who are dwelling in the forest for their livelihoods.  It also means avoiding unnecessary barriers that may lead to failure of the program, and these need to be considered in the REDD Readiness plan.

The current and a very initial status of preparation and focusing on components of REDD+ Readiness, and typical activities will be discussed and expressed comprehensively in various materials this paper based on the information gathered from both government and non government organisations.

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