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This has become the catch-cry of indigenous peoples regarding many REDD+ program.

Many indigenous peoples fear that the implementation of REDD+ may have the same impact on them as the imposition of conservation areas such as national parks. They are apprehensive about implementing REDD+ because such imposition has led to conflicts, physical and economic displacements, food insecurity and loss of income and loss of biodiversity and traditional knowledge due to prohibition of their traditional livelihoods, resettlement. 

The definition of indigenous peoples is only partly accepted by some governments, instead being considered as ethnic minorities. REDD+ is at a very initial state of preparation for REDD+ readiness and it is very new to the IPs/EMs communities in Myanmar.

The National Road Map is ongoing process, therefore, only capacity building and awareness raising can go forward, to the IPs/EMs communities along with awareness that they are the rights holders as well. Engagement of all key stakeholders is critical component of steps forward.

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