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Training Programmes

"Practical tools for teachers that overcome education system limitations"

Training Programmes Available

Our objective with these programmes is to assist Myanmar towards more holistic and environmentally focused development in the long term.

Our aim is to achieve this through improving access to both formal and informal children's education systems. A means of delivering this objective is to introduce change into the Myanmar education system with key practical tools for teachers that overcome some of the known Myanmar education system limitations.

Study work undertaken of the Myanmar Education System has demonstrated a number of weaknesses that are greatly impacting effectiveness. These are:

  1. Rote learning style, rather than interactive or exploratory learning
  2. Focus more on boys education rather than being inclusive or encouraging for girls
  3. Focus on "one right answer", rather than allowing exploration
  4. Lack of practical or group activities to embed education themes
  5. Lack of resources to assist teachers in delivery.
  6. Lack of satisfactory teacher training in best practice teaching methodology
  7. Gaps in the basic education curriculum.

To overcome this we developed a teachers guide that then uses resources focused on environment and natural resource management to provide a better learning experience and focused education materials on these issues.

The teachers guide and materials can be used on their own as a self learning tool, or training for teachers can be run by our team as and when required on a service basis.

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