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OS 167  Garment Industry

Gender and SEZs (Special Economic Zones)

In 2012 Spectrum ran a short seminar series titled Special Economic Zones and the Gender Implications in Myanmar.

The series aimed to provide an overview of:

  • International learning on special economic zones with respect to general issues
  • International learning on special economic zones with respect to gender issues
  • Integrating this with other relevant study work done in Myanmar
  • Direction on further research and strategy development for improving equity for women.

The intention was to draw attention to the issues specific to SEZs. Many SEZs rely on differentiated wages and conditions for women to produce a more favourable profit result at the expense of women's wellbeing. Such exploitation is due to inappropriate employment norms and conditions for women in many developing countries.

  • Discussion and clarification questions focused on:
  • What we know and don't know: What are the knowledge gaps?
  • What other pieces of research are known or needed?
  • What are the Priority Areas of Concern?
  • What possible responses should be formulated?
  • What policy response is needed to enhance the protection and advancement of women?

Conclusions were made and directions for future baseline and study work were detailed. Please request a copy of the summary if interested!

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