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Insects Research and Development for Food and Feed sector

Working in partnerships with national universities in Myanmar- as well as internationally- can provide needed research facilities and teams of surveyors, while building on university knowledge and technique development for Myanmar students.

Spectrum is currently developing a partnership with Bonn University and Yezin Agricultural University for ongoing work in the edible insect field with focus on insect flour and insect processing. Additionally, in neighboring Thailand other universities like with Khon Kaen, Mahidol and Kasetsart Universities in Thailand and Lao National University, have worked with FAO in this area. These Universities may be able to provide expert resource contributors like to assist with project review and training of local partners.

 Local universities membership in AFFiA

 Spectrum-SDKN supported four representatives from the local Universities to be a member of AFFIA (Asian Food and Feed Insect Association). The representatives are

  • Dr. Thant Zin, Professor of Zoology Department, Mandalay University,
  • Dr. Aye Aye Myint, Head and Professor of Animal Science Department, Yezin Agricultural University,
  • Dr. Khin Myat Hmwe, Lecturer of Zoology Department, Yangon University,
  • Dr. Khin Thida Tun, Lecturer of Zoology Department, Bamaw University.

(Here is the link for AFFIA membership: https://affia.org/aboutus/)

As the advantages of membership, the representatives who attended the conferences organized by AFFIA will get more knowledge and experience about edible insect research and development (R & D) and will apply these knowledge and experiences in insect’s R & D sector in Myanmar. AFFIA will help in accessing markets in local, regional and international levels especially EU and US markets, promoting the entomophagy practices with regulatory requirements in National and ASEAN levels for insect products.

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