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Budget Transparency and Citizen's Budget Sessions run in Chin State.

On the 24th of March 2017 Spectrum team had the opportunity to run a half day session on Budget Transparency and Citizen’s Budgets in the State Offices in Hakha. Around 60 staff from multiple departments were involved, including H.E. Vui Kaw, Minister for Finance, H.E. Salai Isaac Khen, Minister of Development Issues, Electricity and Industry, along with Vice President of the Parliament, and the Director and Deputy Director of Budget Department.

The overall theme of the event traced the history of Budget Transparency work and the Open Budget Survey and Index in Myanmar and ongoing progress with release of budget documents and progress Myanmar's development of national Citizen’s Budgets. A range of highly regarded international Citizen’s Budgets (including great documents from South Africa, Kenya, Uganda) and their features were overviewed and opportunities and means for progressing a Citizen’s Budget in Chin State were discussed.

Packages of information were distributed to key department heads and those who specifically requested further information. A range of budget related materials, including Myanmar's first Citizen’s Budget, the “Budget Guide for Growing Citizen’s” and cartoon “What’s a Budget” were distributed.

We are very hopeful that government in Chin State will follow through with the really high interest shown at the event and develop a citizen’s budget. That would be a critical step towards improving budget transparency and raising awareness on the overall state finances, development priorities, planned sectoral spending allocations, geographic priorities and revenue sources.{gallery}Chin State Budget{/gallery}

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