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Promoting “Governance and Social Accountability Concepts” and Strengthening “Networking”

Spectrum conducted a two-day training of “Governance and Social Accountability Module2”

from 1 September to 2 September, 2018 in Hpa-An, Karen State. After that training, Spectrum organized Networking workshop at 3 September, 2018.

The two-day training aims to understand the principles of public management and social accountability. It is really important to understand why citizens should participate in public financial management, to understand the concepts and process of public financial management and taxation and budget planning. The training intended to promote awareness level of citizen budget and budget policy for better use of social accountability tools.  

Moreover, the workshop is aimed to identify and create space for influencing decision makers within Government and to strengthen the network among government, CSOs organizations and community. 

During the two-day training, the participants have a chance to share information and working experience on the public financial management in the first grant call. Moreover, they also have a chance to learn public financial management, budgeting, Myanmar budget process & stakeholders, public finance & public services and taxation.   On the second day of training, U Than Ye (Director from State Budget Department),  Daw Khin Cho (Director from State Planning Department) and U Thin Htut Han (Director from State Tax Department) presented their policies and experiences on budgeting, planning and taxation respectively. 

At the networking workshop’s opening ceremony, Planning, Finance and Municipal Minister of Karen State, H.E Than Naing gave opening speech. In his speech, H.E Than Naing said that the Karen state government is promoting more transparency of budget and information. He also highlighted the importance of the governance and social accountability training. And then, Daw Naw May Khin Thet, Program Coordinator of Spectrum gave thanks speech and explaining the overall objective of the workshop and introducing about key projects of Spectrum.

During the workshop, the participants including CSOs, village-tract administrators, the representatives from government departments and members of parliament (Karen state) discussed their perspectives on each sector. Furthermore, they shared how they practice democratic behaviors as well as in depth-thinking of transparency and accountability in governance.

Estimated 40 participants from government departments, member of parliaments, village-tract administration and local CSOs attended the workshop. U Myint Aung from Zwekabin Image said “We are very pleased that the Directors of the government departments presented their policies and experiences. That is why, we now clearly understand the information and process of budgeting, planning and taxation.”

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