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Enhancing Opportunity of Environmental Education at Public Schools in Tanintharyi Region

With the main support of Child Fund Myanmar, Spectrum has been implementing pilot project of “Improving Children's Environmental Education (ICEE)” in three townships of Tanintharyi region; Dawei, Launglon and Yebyu.

This project aims to address the limited critical thinking teaching approach of the students while promoting the awareness of children on environment through children series story books. The project will collaborate with the Ministry of Natural Resource and Environmental Conservation (MONREC) and Ministry of Education (MOE) from Tanintharyi and regional government.

ICEE project is intended to assist primary and secondary students in targeted townships to have more holistic education, critical thinking skill and environmentally focused development through formal and informal teaching methods. That is why, project activities aim to assist 105 teachers from three townships to get teacher trainings through a set of developed resources that will encourage exploratory learning and real-life application of concepts.

For project introduction and advocacy to regional government, Spectrum met with Tanintharyi chief minister Dr. Lei Lei Maw, Development Affairs and Social Affairs minister U Ho Pin and MONREC minister U Myint Maung for their useful suggestions on ICEE project. In addition, Spectrum works closely with regional education department’s director Daw Myint Sein and regional environmental conservation department’s deputy director U Tun Tun Oo for better coordination process in implementing project activities.

Spectrum have produced a total of story ad resource books and an accompanying teacher’s manual that cover themes of sustainability, biodiversity, resource management, ecotourism, pollution, disaster risk reduction, environmental conservation, and climate change. These books and associated learning activities follow the principals of KAP change; affecting one’s knowledge, attitude and then practice as a result.

Communications Coordinator and ICEE's project's lead, Daw Thit Thit Han said, " This project is designated to encourage teachers and students to have more experiential learning by enhancing the group work activity of the students. At the current state, we succeeded in engaging with regional government and started implementing initial project stages. "

Together with TOT trainings to 105 teachers, Spectrum will provide nearly 10,000 resource books to 75 targeted schools in Dawei, Launglon and Yebyu townships for the purpose of using resource books repeatedly by students and teachers.

Spectrum believes that ICEE project will give more opportunities for environmental education and critical thinking approach to teaching schedule of government schools.

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