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Call for Tender for LPG Supply in Kachin State

Deadline to response to tender is extended to 12 June 2020

Tender Supply for the Liquefied Petroleum Gas and Associated Household Cooking Settings in Waing Maw IDP Camps   

Spectrum- Sustainable Development Knowledge Network (hereinafter referred to as “Spectrum”) is a national non-governmental organization implementing a project named “Facilitating LPG fuel transitioning in crises:

Development of Myanmar for public private partnership on LPG supply logistics to camps and resettlement sites” to replace firewood and charcoal with LPG as an improved cooking fuel for people staying in IDP camps in the Kachin State. This project is funded with UK aid from the UK government via the Humanitarian Assistance and Resilience Programme Facility (hereinafter referred to as “HARP-F”).

As a critical part of the project, we are now requesting proposals from LPG businesses operating in Myanmar for LPG supply for 5 months and relevant equipment necessary for LPG household cooking setups for 50 households, in total, in 2 IDP camps- Maina Catholic Church and Maina KBC camps in the Waing Maw Township, Kachin State. Based on the results of supply in the first 2 months, the supply may be expanded into total 100 households in these 2 camps for the latter 2.5 months of the supply.

Businesses bidding are expected to have high quality business reputation along with impeccable safety record and ideally have experience of business operation within a humanitarian context. The selected business will have an excellent opportunity and is expected to present the experience and lesson learnt from this IDP camp fuel supply tender at the National Conference for LPG conversion, tentatively planned for November 2020, to help formulate the National LPG Conversion Framework for humanitarian situations. Spectrum is aiming to help this untapped LPG market to be sustainable and grow further beyond the support from this project period, together with the selected business along with other suppliers, IDP populations and funders.


Download Tender Documents HERE

For Q & A on tender, please download HERE


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