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Myanmar has made substantial progress in budget transparency score, with many opportunitities remaining for improvement

In April the International Budget Partnership released the 7th edition of the Open Budget Survey (OBS) for 117 countries. Myanmar has taken part in four surveys since 2012, with much improvement. Three aspects are assessed: transparency, public participation and budget oversight. Myanmar has made substantial progress in transparency and oversight and jumped this year from a score of 7 to 28. This is still lower than global average score 45 and a score greater than 60 is the normal target considered as having sufficient transparency. Much opportunity for improvement remains in public participation areas, and it is recommended that government should put meaningful efforts for improving public consultation and engagement throughout the budget process. The graphs below present Myanmar’s improvements over time and in comparison with other countries in SEA region.
For Myanmar, The Citizen’s Budget is one of the major process improvements. Citizen's Budget is a concise description of budget for its citizens. The 3.5 minute video attached here briefly explains 2019-2020 fiscal year budget data that should interest all in Myanmar.
Already as improvement for the next OBS, Myanmar’s Pre-budget statement for next fiscal year, 2020-2021can also be accessed from below link. undefined
For further interest in the OBS, please follow the below links to IBP and Spectrum – SDKN websites. www.spectrumsdkn.org undefined

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